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Facial treatments


Discovery treatment

purifying balance

50 min

45 €


Discovery treatment

nourishing balance

50 min

45 €



1 h 15

€ 68


Revitalizing treatment

anti pollution

45 min

60 €


Oily skin care

1 hour

65 €


Sensitive skin care

45 min

50 €

Illuminating treatment


1hr 15

€ 68


Eye contour care

35 mins

40 €


Anti-aging treatment

1 h 30

75 €


Global anti-aging treatment

1 h 30

95 €

The "purifying" balance treatment, certified organic, is intended to purify and protect normal skin prone to oily.

Natural active ingredients : eucalyptus, niaouli, patchouli, geranium, petit grain, vitamin E.

The "nourishing" balance care, certified organic, is intended to nourish and protect normal skin prone to dryness.

Natural active ingredients : mallow, lotus, aloe Vera, vegetable oils, beeswax, vitamin E.

The "moisturizing" care, certified organic, is a real hydration delight for dry or normal to combination skin.

Natural active ingredients : hyaluronic acid of plant origin.

Reviderm "anti-pollution" revitalizing treatment protects the skin from pollution thanks to the synergy of its 100% natural and certified organic formulas.

Natural active ingredients : marine extracts, aloe vera, natural vitamin E, rosemary.

The "sensitive skin" care, certified organic, offers soothing and softness to sensitive skin, while providing them with protection against external aggressions.

Natural active ingredients : magnolia, night beauty, cotton flower, aloe vera, sweet almond, shea, squalene, vitamin E.

The "radiance illuminator" treatment, certified organic, gives the skin a luminous complexion, and will help to relax features.

Natural active ingredients: acerola, PWE complex.

The "eye contour" treatment, certified organic, is intended to relax, decongest and energize the skin.

Natural actives: phyto-active eye complex.

The Aromaclear Pureté "oily skin" treatment ensures the beauty of oily skin with imperfections. It allows the skin to quickly regain a cleaner appearance and all its original clarity.

Natural active ingredients : cypress, rosemary, thyme, lavender, tea tree, clays, charcoal, copper, zinc, salicylic acid, jojoba, hazelnut.

Peaux grasses
Peaux sensibles
Contour des yeux

The "anti-aging" treatment

The "global anti-aging" treatment

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